Cashmere Overcoat
Suit pocket rip
Sleeve alteration
Suit pocket repair

Suit Jacket Alterations

Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves: $45

Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves (with functioning button holes): $120

Let Out/Take In Side Seams: $45

Let Out/Take In Back Seam: $35

Shorten Jacket: $145

Reduce Shoulders: $140

Replace Pocket Linings: $25

Replace/Tighten Button: $2-5

Pants Alterations

Hem: $15

Hem with Cuff: $20

Taper Leg (Two Seam): $40

Taper Leg (Four Seam): $60

Adjust Waist/Seat: $25

Replace Zipper: $25

Shirt Alterations

Add Darts: $15

Taper Sides (French Seams): $45

Shorten Shirt Tails: $25

Shorten Sleeves: $25

Move Collar Button: $5



*All prices are estimates based on an hourly rate of $75 including GST