The following is a brief outline of the structure of our Guild Package. The Guild offers a 12 month shopping experience to the modern gentleman allowing each individual to build and specify tailor their wardrobe. Our base package if offered at $199 per month, this includes 5 shirts, 5 matching pocket squares, 2 half canvas suit and 1 hand-made tie. During your initial consultation we'd prefer if all fabric and styles are selected to allow for a seamless delivery schedule, we know this may seam like a daunting task! 


In addition to the basic package each individual has the option to upgrade their garments. These additions may include extra pants, collars, cuffs, construction and fabrics. If selected during the initial consultation the upgraded cost can be spit over the monthly payments or alternately the full upgrade amount can be processed before the garment is due. Additional, If separates are ordered i.e. sports jacket and chinos an additional charge will reflect the extra material needed for construction. 

Forward Orders

Forward orders are available within reason, this is at the discretion of our staff and an additional charge may apply. 

late Delivery


If late delivery occurs a store credit of $50 will be applied to your account. Late delivery is defined as 4 weeks past the delivery month of the garment. Late delivery will not be applied if fabric and style selection has not been confirmed. 

Declined payments

If a payment is declined, an additional charge of $5 will be added, this accounts for the time and fees to reprocess payments. 

Body Change


As we all know keeping in shape takes time and commitment, throughout the year your body shape might change. We are more than happy to adjust our patterns to reflect your new measurements, but we will not accept fault if we aren't informed before production has started. 


As all fabric is purchased in foreign currency, if an adverse event such as another GFC some cost changes may apply. 

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