Edward McCann's Gentleman's Guild provides a year round shopping experience to suit the modern man.

Each member of the guild personally selects and builds their wardrobe as garments are delivered through out the year. 

The way the Guild operates is quite simple. Once a year you are required to select your garments, (5x shirts 2x suits 1x tie) these garments are then constructed over a 12 month period ( please find the delivery schedule below).  

During the first fitting, fabrics, style and measurements are taken. If you'd like extra pants or better quality fabrics then costs are split over the 12 monthly payments. The starting package is $199 per month. 

If you like to simply come have a further chat or look over our products and fabrics swatches please let me know. Our shop address is 21/22 St Quentin Ave Claremont.  

5 x Shirts

5 x Matching pocket Squares

1 x Custom made Hand-sewn 7 fold tie. 

2 x Suits - Half Canvas construction.

$199 per month. 


Review by M Willson

“I have been a member of the Gentleman's Guild for a little over a year now and as someone who wears suits daily for work it has been a fantastic. The suits and shirts are impeccable and the service is first rate with all items being delivered on time or early. I highly recommend becoming a Guild member and can't thank Callum enough for his advice and the quality of his work.”

Delivery Schedule 

Month One - Shirt 1

Month Two

Month Three - Shirt 2

Month Four - Shirt 3

Month Five

Month Six - Suit 1 

Month Seven

Month Eight - Shirt 4

Month Nine - Shirt 5

Month Ten

Month Eleven - Suit 2

Month Twelve

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