Holland & Sherry

Established in 1836, Holland & Sherry have supplied prestigious fabric to tailor and luxury brands for the last 170 years. Now located in the epicentre of tailoring, Savile row, Holland & Sherry are producing some of the worlds most luxurious fabrics from the finest raw materials. 



Situated on the banks of Lake Como Italy, Canclini have been producing world renowned shirting fabrics since 1925. Fundamental to Canclini's natural sheen, soft handle and resistance to wear; only highest grade Egyptian cotton is woven. Now driven by the families second generation Canclini implemented new finishing techniques to produce Italy's most exquisite shirting cloth.

edward mccann dormeuil


Jules Dormeuil started importing English woven cloth in to France in 1842, since then his family run business has flourished for 5 generations. Dormeuil now provides timeless and iconic british fabrics across all 5 continents. 



From the onset in 1881, Antonio Cerruti's small workshop in Bella Italy created exceptional textiles. Renowned highly for their innovative weaves of silk, linen and mohair provided depth to their woollen fabrics. Today Cerruti draws from parisian fashion influences to enhance their 130 year old  Italian traditions.